Upcoming Workshops

Building Blocks of Sculpture: Torso as Architecture

January 27 - 31, 2020.

The torso is the core of the human body, the base from which all other parts extend. Understanding architectural ideas about the rib cage, pelvis and how they interact can create a true freedom of expression for an artist, taking an artist beyond the imitation of life.

This five-day workshop with artist Brett F Harvey is ideal for any skill level and focuses on foundational ideas about sculpting the human figure. Students will work from live models to create a series of studies in water-based clay that explore architectural concepts about the anatomy of the largest, most powerful part of the human body. Other relevant sculpture topics--such as the importance and variety of materials and art history--will be discussed by Harvey in this informative workshop.

Fee: $850

All materials included



Portrait Painting with Jesús E. Villarreal

February 24 - 28, 2020.

Course Description

The study of the human head is fundamental to the development of a  realist painter. In this course we will be exploring techniques and  methods used during the 19th Century Academies and “Ateliers.” Students  will be taught the sight-size method of measurement and comparative  measurement in order to view the subject accurately and translate  three-dimensional forms in two-dimensions. Concentrating for the whole  course on one pose, students will choose to either draw the live model  in charcoal or paint in oils, looking for the basic shapes and patterns  of light and dark. Students will be guided in
a step-by-step process  through each stage of the painting or drawing, from the construct or  “block-in,” to the rendering and finished stage. Value, color,  composition, gesture, proportion and anatomy will all be discussed and  demonstrated. All levels are welcome.

Fee: $750

Model fees included