Portrait Painting with Jesús E. Villarreal

February 24 - 28, 2020.

Course Description

The study of the human head is fundamental to the development of a  realist painter. In this course we will be exploring techniques and  methods used during the 19th Century Academies and “Ateliers.” Students  will be taught the sight-size method of measurement and comparative  measurement in order to view the subject accurately and translate  three-dimensional forms in two-dimensions. Concentrating for the whole  course on one pose, students will choose to either draw the live model  in charcoal or paint in oils, looking for the basic shapes and patterns  of light and dark. Students will be guided in
a step-by-step process  through each stage of the painting or drawing, from the construct or  “block-in,” to the rendering and finished stage. Value, color,  composition, gesture, proportion and anatomy will all be discussed and  demonstrated. All levels are welcome.

Fee: $750

Model fees included



Upcoming Workshops


Plain Air Painting with Elkin Canas

 March 18th-20th 2020

 In this 3 day workshop we will explore the principles of landscape painting.
We will focus on the understanding of:
 *Light organization
*Aerial and linear  perspective
*Color mixing
*Abstraction and shape organization
*Understanding trees
*Atmospheric effects
*brushwork, etc.
Fee $450
Location: Key Biscayne

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Velazquez. The technique of genius

May 11th - 15th, 2020

Great painters are invariably great technicians.  In creating the techniques, he needed to express  

his ideas, Velazquez became one of the most  original practitioners of the art of painting ever known. 

In this workshop we will combine my personal studies on Velazquez's technique  applied to the living model.

Every day we will develop the painting process  showing my interpretation of how Spain's most  famous painter realized his artistic vision. Other relevant topics--such as the importance  of his discoveries, the technique used and a few important details of his life will be discussed  in this informative workshop.

Fee $650

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Figure Drawing and Painting Ramiro Sanchez

July,20th - 24th and 27th - 31st, 2020

After  the success of last year’s Elementary Figure Drawing and Painting. The  Academic Method, we had decided to run a new course introducing more  advance techniques and longer time for poses, This will allow the  student to develop his hers technique repertoire and a deeper knowledge  of the complexities of the human form.  


Students will be encouraged to learn and use the sight-size method  of measurement, which trains the eye to view the subject with accuracy  in order to reproduce it successfully. Throughout the course, students  will apply primarily this method of measurement but not only, also the  traditional comparative method can and will be used. I believe that our  instinct is the most important impulse when confronted with nature. The  students will sketch the whole figure based first on gesture, then will  focus on correct accuracy of shapes and proportions by slowly studying  the figure from inside out, following all the nuances of the center line  and body type to create a solid out line. Also the student will be  asked to identify and establish crucial anatomical landmarks necessary  to produce a strong believable figure. If students have no previous  artistic anatomy knowledge, this won’t present a problem as I will  introduce slowly and with ease the main bones an d muscles with out  getting too clinic about it.  

I believe this hybrid method allows  the student the certainty of proportion through measurement (sight  size-Comparative method) and construction (center line) while giving  them the freedom for expression (gesture). 

The same methodology will be applied in (for) figure painting even portraiture. 

Figure drawing in charcoal. (mornings)

This  course will focus on the pleasure of drawing and the artistic analysis  of the human figure. Not only gesture and line quality will be the main  goal of this class but also value organization, contrast and atmosphere.  

Students will produce a figure with good proportions, gesture and sense of light and space. 

As both an artist and an instructor, I have found this method very  successful and that is why I am proposing it for your students. 

Figure Painting (afternoons)

For  figure painting while the drawing approach remains the same,  color-value, direct painting application and sense of light will be  stressed.  


Drawing: Class will meet for 3 hours a day in the mornings for 5 days. 

Painting:  Class will meet for 3 hours a day in the afternoons for 5 days. 

Day 1: value study 

Days 2-5 One pose.   


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Still Life Painting with Melissa Franklin Sanchez

July 27th - 31st 2020

Course Description

Projects will use sight size method

There will be a focus on drawing, design, composition Color mixing, paint  application  and most importantly values. The morning exercise with its Iimited  range of color allows the student to understand clearly value  relationships, making the progression towards color in the afternoon  more effective. There will be a focus on approach And procedure, giving  the students a clear method that can be developed on  their own after the course.  

30 hours tuition

Fee: Early Bird $850 (paid in full before May 30th)

          Full price $900

Website: http://www.grenninggallery.com/artistdetail-129.php



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